Simplify the management of thousands of servers and applications with our all-in-one monitoring tool. Forget about the complexity of multiple tools and enjoy the efficiency of having everything under control with a single solution. Save time and resources while effectively monitoring and optimizing your infrastructure.

WOCU-Monitoring servers reduces the carbon footprint

Server performance optimization reduces the carbon footprint and improves service quality.

WOCU-Monitoring App
Carbon footprint

What we Do

Multi-operating system monitoring

Multi-operating system monitoring, with or without agent. WOCU-Monitoring has hundreds of integrations.

Multi-operating system monitoring - Web

Apache, NgineX.

Multi-operating system monitoring - Database

Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL, Postgre, MongoDB, Influx DB, Elastic.

Multi-operating system monitoring - Application Servers
Application servers

Apache Tomcat, Oracle and many more.

Thanks to discovery tasks and inventory packs, WOCU-Monitoring is able to keep hardware and software inventory up to date for deployed systems.


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