WOCU-Monitoring can optimize your network infrastructure. With our advanced monitoring solution, you get proactive prevention, fast responsiveness, and reduced failures. Keep your network running efficiently and securely with WOCU-monitoring.

What we Do

The easiest way to monitor complex environments

Regardless of the size and complexity of your infrastructure, 
WOCU-Monitoring simplifies management by reducing recurring tasks, ensuring the health of the infrastructure, and maintaining backups of configurations.

Routers & Switches

From bandwidth monitoring, latencies, routing metrics, Jitter, or device status, CPU, memory, fans, power or even configurations, WOCU-Monitoring provides a comprehensive range of packs. These include offerings from leading manufacturers such as Cisco, Juniper, Allot, F5, Teldat, Huawei, Fortigate, Infinera, and Oneaccess.


Hardware status, TX/RX performance metrics, controller status, or data about connected clients. In the packs catalog, there are specific solutions for many manufacturers, such as Aruba, Cisco, Mikrotik, Huawei, Teldat, among others.


WOCU offers solutions for Fortinet, Checkpoint, Palo Alto, Forcepoint.


Thanks to the WOCU-Indexer architecture, WOCU-Monitoring is designed to collect and process the information generated by millions of IoT devices.

Network - How we do

How we do

The Discovery Engine

Our WOCU Discovery Engine technology reduces deployment times and enables the maintenance of monitored infrastructure to stay up-to-date. WOCU-Monitoring discovery tasks can be customized with simple rules, allowing for the discovery of thousands of devices and the application of monitoring rules in three simple steps.

The Discovery Engine

More Network

Other network monitoring module



GCONF, the configuration management module of WOCU-Monitoring, helps administrators maintain network configuration consistently and perform management tasks effectively.



Collects data on network traffic, providing valuable performance and security insights. WOCU-Monitoring can identify bottlenecks and other performance issues, enabling administrators to take action to improve efficiency and security.

Bandwith monitor

Bandwith monitor

The bandwidth monitoring probe of WOCU-monitoring. Discover bottlenecks, potential failures, or loops in your networks, the best tool to optimize network performance and improve service quality.


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