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What are we doing?

We are focused in usability, monitoring, observability and Performance



New intuitive and accessible web console, aimed at both users with technical knowledge and those without previous experience in technology. It will be implemented with reactive features, to provide continuous information about what is happening in the environment. It will have multiple visual consoles to display information from virtualized, cloud, or docker environments. A new panel will contain the new dashboards based on widgets with advanced functionalities that allow a high level of customization. The functionality of the reporting module will be increased by incorporating tools that allow users to adjust reports according to their specific needs.



In this area, we have two lines of work open. One focuses on increasing our capacity by increasing the number of packages and developing agents that will allow us to extract information more efficiently and improve our proactivity by being able to act semi-automatically on events that occur. The second line of work is to reduce our carbon footprint, and to do so, we are improving our efficiency in the information collection processes.



New methods of data collection and processing, monitoring based on user experience (UX), application performance monitoring (APM), synthetic monitoring, and finally, a new system for processing information collected passively and from multiple sources with semi-automatic learning.



Current dynamic environments demand a flexible monitoring tool to adapt to ongoing changes. WOCU Monitoring will be available for deployment via Docker and managed with Kubernetes.

To do

Better Usability, better monitoring and better observability

Better Usability


A new wizard will simplify the method of creating rules for process-based business monitoring, which will also feature a new, more intuitive and efficient visual console. The functionality of the event notification system will be enhanced, along with a new wizard, new connectors and an event self-resolution system. The management capabilities of WOCU Monitoring components will be enhanced, with instant messaging for administrators and a new graphical interface that will allow the status of all WOCU Monitoring components to be checked at a glance. The profile management system will be refactored, including new functionalities and a wizard to simplify configuration.

Better monitoring


Simplification of the service creation system by executing commands. A new cybersecurity event monitoring module will be included. New metrics for inventory management. GCONF, our configuration management module, will feature two new functionalities: ZTP (Zero Touch Provisioning) and a new reporting module. A new security module will handle incidents related to cybersecurity events.

Better observability


New wizard for the configuration of unknown services in json format.

Under Study

The predictive monitoring and trend analysis

Include the predictive monitoring and trend analysis that already exists in the traffic monitoring packs to the rest of the packs oriented to capacity management monitoring.

WOCU-Monitoring App

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