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At WOCU-Monitoring, we combine teamwork with cutting-edge technologies to deliver real-time insights that transform your operations. 
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In today’s dynamic environment, continuous evolution is key. 
We embrace this principle wholeheartedly, mirroring the ever-evolving needs of our clients. Our strong relationships are built on a deep commitment to providing exceptional service, 24/7.

Reliability, security, and agility are the cornerstones of our approach, ensuring we meet your diverse needs with unwavering dedication.


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WOCU-Monitoring represents our collective dedication to staying at the forefront of operational efficiency. We don’t merely adapt to change; we actively drive positive transformations in your organizational performance. Our shared mission is to provide monitoring solutions that not only keep pace with evolving challenges but actively contribute to the success and growth of your organization. Together, we navigate the ever-changing world of technology, leveraging our expertise and collaborative spirit to create a future where operational excellence isn’t just a goal, but a reality.

WOCU-Monitoring Operational evolution

Our story

The evolution of WOCU-Monitoring

Join us in the evolution of WOCU-Monitoring, tailored to meet crucial needs in the monitoring landscape. From refining functionalities to embracing innovation, our journey reflects our commitment to excellence. Stability, expanded capabilities, and novel solutions like WOCU-Flow and Gesconf define our path, showcasing our dedication to continual innovation and excellence in monitoring solutions.


WOCU-Monitoring, born in 2016, addressed the need to unify infrastructure vision, integrate new products and services seamlessly, and reduce monitoring costs for a prominent Spanish operator.


We streamlined functionalities into a unified console, responding to diverse client needs. The addition of Bandwidth-Monitor enhanced network traffic monitoring, seamlessly integrating into the WOCU-Monitoring ecosystem for a more tailored service.


We were awarded the most innovative platform at OPEN EXPO EUROPE.


In 2019, we enhanced our platform with new features, achieving stability. As our client base expanded significantly, we focused on horizontal scaling, allowing us to monitor over 350,000 devices and 2,000,000 services on a single console.


In 2020, we made significant strides by introducing new solutions in our monitoring ecosystem, including WOCU-Flow (network data flow integration and visualization) and Gesconf (client-managed equipment configurations).


In 2021, we gained autonomy, focusing on product refinement and expanding into new markets through enhanced sales channels and customer interaction.


In 2023, we undergo a strategic rebrand, symbolizing our commitment to innovation and user-centric solutions. This transformation reinforces our commitment to leadership in monitoring technology and propels us into a dynamic future of continued excellence.

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We are a creative and innovative team.

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